UK SKY WATCH is a collective of concerned UK residents awakening to the fact that the geoengineering of our skies was the biggest issue, literally 'above' all others and 'affecting' all others, that needed immediate prioritised awareness-raising to bring to a halt. There are countless other wonderful chemtrails awareness groups in the UK and around the world with more starting up every day as people wake up from their denial. This issue has become a priority for us to attend every day, such is its urgency. We receive no funding to do this - Like all other groups and sites we do this simply because we care hugely about the future of all living beings on this planet and our precious environment which we rely on to sustain us all. We encourage everyone out there to do the same to dissolve the 'divide and conquer' tactics used to slow down the public awakening and uniting of consciousness about this issue affecting every single one of us. We share a common goal.. the will to protect our earth for future generations.


For those newly awakening to this it can be a minefield to know where to go to begin to join the dots about the whys, hows and whos behind this global program. The initial reaction is to feel powerless, which of course is completely understandable - and first attempts to discuss this with friends and family not yet awake can often be met with denial, and ridicule. The isolation this causes on top of awakening to such an all pervasive issue can crumble many into silence. We too have felt this and so we want to empower people with tools of evidence and 'action'. The facts of the evidence are out there and many wondrous activists have already pulled together a wealth of irrefutable evidence on countless websites to help join the dots. There are also literally hundreds of thousands of videos and photos from concerned people all over the world documenting daily on social networks what they are witnessing - many have written with justifiable concern to their local representatives and officials only to be stonewalled with a wall of denial - clearly the food chain in the operation is being highly controlled with those involved either willingly complicit as they stand to gain from this activity or intimidated into silence to maintain investments, jobs, status or to loved ones. Protect


The exposee of the global banking corruption has still not been attended by our unelected government here in the UK clearly demonstrating collusion and corruption still reigns at the highest levels. Denial has been utilised as the standard operational tool used by all authorities thus far regarding questioning about the obvious geoengineering in our skies, so it has to be assumed that whether by collusion or intimidation, all are complicit in suppressing the facts and motives behind the geoengineering operation. Until such time as those in positions of power and influence are replaced with responsible citizens of integrity, we have only ourselves, our friends and families and our communities to trust right now - friends and family have no motive other than care for their loved ones.


Never before in the history of humanity have we had a bigger reason to set aside conditioned differences of race, nationality, religion, status and political persuasions to come together as a human race and reconnect to consciousness. Everything that is happening right now via the deliberate crashing of our economies and the escalating poisoning of our food, water and air has the intention to suppress human consciousness - for good reason - human consciousness actually is the highest technology and power we all have, yet been conditioned to believe has no value in a materialistic world kept ill via prioritising competition over cooperation. We hope you feel the same way and will, like us and countless others all over the world, prioritise raising awareness about this issue above all others as best you can, with everyone you can, in whatever way you can, every day to re-empower and reconnect humanity with the consciousness needed to heal this precious environment we all share.
Please visit the Take Action page for ideas on how you can raise awareness on this most important issue.